Responsive Powerholders

  • The Hague Academy for Local Governance (THA) developed a co-training modality, whereby THA coached and accompanied around a dozen local trainers in each country as drop-down training was conducted for local authorities. This support over the course of three years went beyond once-off knowledge transfer and avoided the common risk of knowledge disappearing with each transfer from person to person. At the end of the trainings the local authorities drafted action-plans that were, even though there were challenges with follow-up, important tools to make the proposed changes more practical, tangible and sustainable.
  • EVC worked closely with informal powerholders, such as traditional and religious leaders, in several of the countries that were experiencing ongoing conflict, including Pakistan and Sudan. These leaders became role models and allies in the programme, broadcasting messages on women’s issues informally, as well as in their sermons.
  • Through field visits, authorities were able to visit communities or other authorities, and become more aware of local needs, debate issues with communities, as well as become influenced by the advocacy agenda of the programme.