Together you can achieve more

A collaboration means a valuable opportunity for CARE to reach even more people, for example, for women and girls who currently do not have equal rights or opportunities. We would like to work together on projects about emergency aid, improving the position of women or building sustainable livelihoods. CARE Nederland has been working in more than 20 countries worldwide for 20 years. In doing so, we work closely with organisations, local authorities and communities. Are you wondering which project best matches the objectives of your foundation or trust? Please reach out about the possibilities.

Twee kinderen uit Zimabwe die buiten aan het leren zijn

Supporting CARE can be done with a

  • Single gift for emergency aid.
  • Multi-year support for emergency aid.
  • Grant for a specific project aimed at structural change.

In an emergency there is only one priority: saving lives

We are quickly on site and help people with food, clean drinking water and a safe place to sleep.

Together with the residents of the area, local authorities and partner organisations, we assess what is most needed in the case of a disaster or war. With the support of foundations or trusts, we can continue this work and reach more people.

Een vrouw uit Guatemala staat in een veld met kruiden en houdt trots een van haar gewassen vast.

Collaboration creates structural changes

  • Setting up savings and loan groups.
  • Creating employment.
  • Stimulating women’s entrepreneurship.
  • Improving the position of women: in doing so, we work with men to change restrictive norms.
  • Increasing agricultural yields with a focus on sustainability.
  • Preparing people for natural disasters and climate change.

Together we fight poverty and inequality

A collaboration needs to be beneficial for both parties. Your partnership with CARE brings you:

  • Tailor-made advice for your foundation or trust.
  • A permanent contact person: personal and committed.
  • Insight and consultation about how to spend your grant.
  • Updates on the results achieved.
  • You donate with a tax deduction in the Netherlands, because CARE Nederland has an ANBI status
  • CARE Nederland is a recognized charity. This means that we meet strict quality requirements. Supervisor CBF checks this.
  • Working together with an international NGO with an excellent reputation.



Contact us directly about the possibilities

“I am happy to discuss with you the way and the project that best suits your vision and objectives. My colleagues and I like to think along withyou”, Richard Kooge, Relationship Manager at CARE Nederland.

Please contact Richard Kooge via phone +31 70-310 50 55 or

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