CARE and Bennink Foundation in action for Congolese women

In July 2020, CARE and the Bennink Foundation started a family planning project together in the Democratic Republic of Congo to strengthen the position of women and girls. In the country, which is struggling with poverty and conflict, women usually get the short straw, because they have little say in matters that are important to them.

Moeder Ange 28 jaar met haar Baby uit de Democratische Republiek Congo

Family Planning in Congo

Together we ensure that 2,500 women and 500 girls in North- and South Kivu have access to family planning services. Health professionals are trained in advising and guiding people in planning family expansion. As a result, the number of deaths caused by unsafe abortion or complications during pregnancy or birth is reduced and pregnancies can be better planned. A great example of how continuous support contributes to a better life for people in the most difficult places in the world.

Mawe Tatu Program

This family planning project contributes to the success of the three-year Mawe Tatu II Porgram, supported by the regional Great Lakes Program of the Dutch Embassies, which aims to improve the position of women and young people.

Would you also like to work together with CARE?

That is possible! Together we can fight poverty by combatting inequality. There are various possibilities for collaborating with CARE.

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