A better future for children in Somalia

Together with various foundations, we were able to set up a school nutrition and school uniform program at 4 schools for Somali children who are refugees in their own country.

Somalisch schoolmeisje in een klas

Children in Somalia back to school

Thanks to contributions from the W.M. de Hoop Foundation, the den Brinker Foundation, the IJsselvliedt-Gevaerts Foundation, and the Anna Muntz Foundation, CARE has been able to set up a school nutrition and school uniform program. This is at the request of the children and parents who participate in our educational project.

Children receive a nutritious meal in the morning and can now concentrate better and no longer pass out at school. In addition, all children have received a school uniform. As a result, the number of children attending school has increased considerably.

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That is possible! Together we can fight poverty by combatting inequality. There are various possibilities for collaborating with CARE.

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