Humanitarian Emergencies

CARE always works with an overall approach. We give emergency aid to those, especially the poor and marginalized, who are struck by natural disasters and conflicts. We stay in these disaster areas over a long period and immediately start rebuilding. Because that is what it takes to really help people in the long run. With our Humanitarian Emergencies programs we try to make that happen.

In emergencies, we respond to save lives, with special attention to the needs of women and girls and the most marginalized. Our Humanitarian Emergencies programs include preparedness and early action, emergency response and recovery, and encourages future resilience and equitable development. In the CARE Emergency Toolkit (CET) we collect what we know about humanitarian response – particularly in acute emergencies, but also in long-term situations.

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Women and Girls in Emergencies

In times of crisis, when familial and community structures and institutions are disrupted or destroyed, gender norms may be impacted and gender inequality increased. The report Women and Girls in Emergencies looks at six areas, each of which impact gender norms and women’s ability to...

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She is a humanitarian

Women’s participation in humanitarian action drawing on global trends and evidence from Jordan and the Philippines. This reports illustrates the assumptions and attitudes about the roles that women can play, including in times of crisis, result in their efforts getting sidelined and their potential being...

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