Feminist Foreign Policy Community Festival

On Tuesday 31st of October 2023, CARE Nederland, together with other members of the WO=MEN member platform, will host the first-ever Feminist Foreign Policy Community Festival. Together with WO=MEN, Cordaid and Hivos we will make our offices and other spaces in The Hague available for a diverse, inclusive and interactive community festival.

Foto: Josh Estey/CARE
  • When? Tuesday October 31st, 9.30 – 17.00
  • Where? CARE Nederland office, Parkstraat 19, Den Haag

The community festival will take place one day before the start of the Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy Conference from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on November 1 & 2. The festival is designed by civil society and invites you to exchange knowledge and experiences about everything related to Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP). The day promises to be inspiring, full of in-depth and cross-thematic discussions and networking.

To participate, please register for the sessions of your interest. Below you will find more information about the two sessions organised by CARE. An overview of all sessions can be found here.

1. Gender, Climate, Peace & Security: wrapping our heads around the Triple Nexus+ (fully booked)

  • When? 9.30 – 11.00
  • Where? CARE Nederland office, Parkstraat 19, Den Haag
  • Note: This session is fully booked. You can still register for session 2 (see below).

This session will be a learning opportunity during which participants will undertake a collective journey to understand and address intersecting challenges that development, peace and humanitarian actors face.

Extreme weather events are becoming more common. Natural resources are becoming scarcer. Disasters and conflict are on the rise. People forced to flee have doubled in the past 10 years to more than 108 million. Civic space is shrinking, and organisations working on gender equity and women’s rights are in many contexts the first to be under attack.

In an era marked by unprecedented complexities, the Triple Nexus+ represents a visionary approach that encourages us to integrate humanitarian aid, development, peacebuilding, climate action, and gender equality. Join us as we explore the synergies and innovations at the intersection of these critical domains, forging new insights and understanding to navigate a more sustainable, resilient, inclusive, and gender-sensitive world. How can we combine forces to better address the most pressing issues of our time?

The following speakers will be present during this session:

  • Priscilla Achakpa: Founder/Global Lead of the Women Environmental Programme (WEP) in Nigeria
  • Ansherina Talavera: Program Manager for ECHO-funded Actions at CARE Philippines
  • Mohua Slotema Karim: Project Manager at CARE Nederland

2. Man up for equality: What difference are feminist foreign policies making and can we increase their impact by engaging men and boys?

  • When? 11.30 – 13.00
  • Where? CARE Nederland office, Parkstraat 19, Den Haag

In this session we discuss what difference Feminist Foreign Policies are making to end violence against women and girls, and what opportunities FFPs provide to address gender-based violence more effectively. Then we will zoom in on what needs to be done to change harmful gender norms which underpin inequality and violence.

We will explore how men and boys can be involved as allies of transformative change. Gender norms hamper progress both in The Netherlands and around the world and if left unaddressed, progress on gender equality risks being limited and short-lived. This session facilitates exchange on how to go beyond engaging with men and boys as gatekeepers or perpetrators and make real progress in transforming society as a whole. How can we engage men without shrinking the space for women and decentering their needs? How can we engage men and boys in a way that makes gender inequality their priority?

The following speakers will be present during this session:

  • Francesca Rhodes: Senior Advocacy and Policy Advisor at CARE UK
  • Ronald Ogal: Male Engagement Specialist at CARE Uganda
  • Jens van Tricht: Director of Emancipator
  • Dorah Kiconco Musinguzi: Senior Technical Advisor and Coordinator at Raising Voices
  • Sohini Bhattacharya: CEO of Breakthrough India

I want to join the Feminist Foreign Policy Community Festival on the 31st of October

Note: Session 1 (Triple Nexus+) is fully booked. You can still register for Session 2 (Man Up for Equality).