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Social inclusion and social norms in governance

26 november 2019

On 4 November 2019, a group of development practitioners and researchers from around the world came together in The Hague to discuss improving social inclusion and promoting social norm change to enhance inclusive governance.

The event was convened by CARE Netherlands as a part of the Every Voice Counts programme. The event featured presentations on two key research papers recently published on the Pathways for Social Inclusion and Social Norms and Practices Affecting Public Authorities.

Key recommendations

The event also featured an interactive panel discussion and an afternoon of breakout activities and group discussions to develop key recommendations on how to address the challenges faced by grassroots women and youth, public authorities and powerholders, local civil society and activists, and international NGOs and donors.

The communique of the event highlights the key messages and takeaways, as well as the recommendations that were presented by the attendees.