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Gender and conflict analysis in Yemen

1 oktober 2016

Conflicts and humanitarian crises affect men, women, boys and girls differently due to their different societal roles and the deep-rooted social-cultural and economic inequalities which become exacerbated during crises. Men and boys form the majority of victims of armed conflict and associated impacts like forced recruitment or arbitrary detention.

Women bear the burdens of running the households under extreme stress and are often exposed to gender-based violence. During emergencies, women and girls become more vulnerable as basic services collapse and livelihoods diminish. In order to better understand the impact of armed conflict on men, women, boys and girls, and the changes that have resulted in gender roles and relationships at household and community levels since the onset of conflict in March 2015, OXFAM, CARE  and GenCap in Yemen collaborated in this gender and conflict analysis to collect and analyze available data to further inform immediate humanitarian response as well as longer term programming in Yemen.