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Domains of Change Research for EVC

1 april 2021

This report presents a review of experiences from the Every Voice Counts (EVC) programme – an inclusive governance initiative implemented by CARE Nederland and partners from 2016 to 2020, as part of the Dialogue and Dissent Strategic Partnership of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The overall objective of the programme was to contribute to building inclusive and effective governance in six (post) Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings (FCAS): Afghanistan, Burundi, Pakistan, Rwanda, Somalia, and Sudan. The research documented here explores the validity of EVC’s programme-level theory of change as a framework for promoting inclusive and effective governance in FCAS. The research involved an extensive review of EVC programme documents and secondary data, a selective review of relevant external literature, and a limited number of key informant interviews with EVC and CARE programme staff and external thematic specialists.

Key learning points identified in relation to the four domains of the EVC theory of change are as follows:

Capacity strengthening of excluded groups is an important mechanism for their inclusion in public decision-making processes and a critical element of inclusive governance programming.
Civic mobilisation can provide a mechanism for vertical integration, where local governance work is connected to advocacy initiatives that aim to influence provincial or national level policies and plans.
To ensure the effectiveness of spaces for dialogue it is critical to understand how sanctions and incentives work, particularly for public authorities.
Changing norms, including those that impact public authorities’ responsiveness and accountability, is a critical aspect of promoting inclusive public decision-making processes.

Domains of Change Research for Every Voice Counts programme