Advancing towards promoting inclusive governance in fragile settings

CARE’s Every Voice Counts programme (EVC) aims to contribute to inclusive and effective governance processes in fragile settings. Taking place halfway through the programme, a second EVC International learning event was organised. The event brought together EVC staff of CARE Nederland, The Hague Academy for Local Governance, CARE country offices and partner organizations from the EVC countries: Afghanistan, Burundi, Pakistan, Rwanda and Sudan.

Watch this video for a snapshot of the event:

Following the event, a learning brief and policy brief are developed to share key learnings of the 5-year programme and provide recommendations to the new Dutch policy framework to succeed the Dialoague & Dissnet strategic partnership.

The learning brief centers around three themes:

  1. Adaptive programming in fragile contexts
  2. Building capacity of local authorities in fragile contexts
  3. Capacity building of Civil Society to advocate on behalf of marginalised women and youth