A Spotlight on International Women’s Day 2024 with CASCADE Project

© 2019 Josh Estey/CARE

March 8th marked yet another powerful International Women’s Day (IWD), an occasion dedicated to honouring women’s achievements globally while advocating for gender equity and women’s empowerment. In 2024, the spirit of IWD echoed across borders as countries came together to uplift and celebrate women in diverse and impactful ways. Let’s journey through the CASCADE project lens to witness how six countries uniquely commemorated this significant day.

In Benin, the CASCADE team applauded the efforts of all stakeholders advocating for increased investment in women farmers; Recognizing the pivotal role of women in agriculture, the CASCADE team underscored the urgency of directing resources towards empowering women in farming communities. By investing in women farmers, Benin aims to fortify food security and ensure better access to healthier diets, especially for women of reproductive age and children, who are core to the program.

Ethiopia’s International Women’s Day celebration wasn’t just about recognizing women; through innovative Reflection on Equity Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) training, the CASCADE team strengthened local partners and government institutions to champion gender equity in nutrition initiatives. By strengthening knowledge of gender equality, the program team aimed to forge a more inclusive and healthier community across the Amhara and Gonder zones where the program is currently being implemented

Nigeria sparked a formidable engagement to acknowledge and amplify women’s role in healthy eating habits. The local project team endeavored to highlight the role of women in shaping nutritious habits and driving positive nutrition outcomes. By amplifying women’s voices and talents, the team inspired a more equitable community where everyone can access healthier food options through system strengthening via targeted interventions

Mozambique marked International Women’s Day by organizing a multi-stakeholder event that brought together organizations including CCM and SBN Women. The event ignited conversations on gender equality and women’s empowerment, fostering dialogue that enhanced shifts in perception and attitudes in the business landscape, which play a crucial role in food systems. The local project team’s goal is to continue advocating for business environments where investments in women catalyze economic resilience for better nutritional outcomes

Kenya celebrated International Women’s Day by honouring the resilience and innovation of women entrepreneurs in agriculture. The project team spotlighted the role of women in driving agricultural transformation, advocating unity to surmount challenges and seize opportunities collectively. By empowering women in agriculture, the CASCADE team in Kenya aims to foster enduring change that benefits entire communities, echoing CASCADE’s mission: Increase resilience to economic- and climate-change-related shocks […]

In Uganda, the CASCADE project team set out to revolutionize national and district-level IWD celebrations, championing women’s voices and sparking conversations to challenge harmful gender norms. Through engaging community dialogues and district-level initiatives, CASCADE paved the way for a more inclusive future. The program is committed to empowering women and fostering community-driven changes for improved diets.

Empower Women, Nourish the Future

Reflecting on the diverse and impactful celebrations of International Women’s Day 2024, empowering women emerges as both a moral imperative and a strategic investment in creating healthier and more prosperous societies. From investing in women farmers to championing gender equity in nutrition initiatives, we can strengthen access and consumption of more nutritious diets and build resilience to economic and climate change shocks.


Joshua Chibuyi
Program Advocacy and Communication Coordinator