We are CARE

We are CARE. We fight for human dignity and less poverty. We believe in the inner strength of each and every human being. The power to recover from disaster, to see opportunity in disappointment. To pick yourself up more often than you fall.

We address the complex causes of poverty. And keep on going when others stop. Especially for the poorest of the poor. The most hopeless. In the worst places. For those who are hit the hardest in conflict and natural disasters. With smart and working solutions.

Why we exist

CARE was founded just after the 2nd World War, by 22 American organizations. These organizations decided together to distribute relief packages amongst the victims of the war in Europe. The first 20,000 packages were brought on land on May 11, 1946 in Le Havre. About 100 million packages were distributed in the next two decades to people in need in Europe, and later Asia and other developing countries. President JF Kennedy made the following statement at that time: “Every CARE Package is a personal contribution to the world peace our nation seeks.”

In later decades the attention of CARE shifted from Europe to developing countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Central to CARE’s work remains its vision to reduce poverty and defend human dignity.

In the Netherlands in the early nineties, the need for an organization that could bridge the gap between emergency aid and structural aid emerged. Thus, in a joined effort by leading Dutch developing organizations, the Disaster Relief

Agency (DRA) was established on December 2, 1993. In 2001, CARE Nederland took its present form, when the former DRA joined CARE International.

CARE International has become one of the largest organizations in the world that focuses on the global strive against poverty and its causes. CARE is an inspirator, guide, motivator and facilitator to make real changes happen. For the poorest. On the most difficult places. With a specific focus on empowering women and girls. We support millions of people around the world in more than 80 countries to build a more dignified life.

CARE. Defending Dignity. Fighting Poverty.

What we believe in

We believe in the inner strength of every human being. Everyone has the right to realize his or her full potential and deserves a chance to a better life. War, disasters, violence and poverty should not deprive anyone of the right to develop and build a decent life. We believe that a better life is possible and that change can take place when we stand together. We aim for the most dedicated network of small and large do-gooders. Passionate world citizens and partners working together to combat poverty and to bring lasting change. Based on this belief, we seek to bring out the best in people. By giving them effective tools to improve their lives.

We as CARE focus our efforts on women and girls because we believe they are the key to fighting poverty. When equipped with proper resources, women have the power to help their families and entire communities escape poverty. When women earn an income, they reinvest the majority of it in their families. Next to that, we simply believe that every woman has the right to live her life to its fullest potential.

Our Vision

Our vision articulates our future dream. Where we are going to and where we work towards.

CARE Nederland seeks a world of hope, tolerance and social justice.

Where poverty has been overcome and where people live in dignity and security. 


Our Mission

Our mission shows our contribution to realize our vision. It is the key of our work and articulates what role we want to play in the world.

CARE Nederland helps to strengthen the resilience of communities made vulnerable by natural disasters and violent conflicts. 

By ensuring their basic needs are met and contributing to sustainable solutions. 

Our approach

We work for the poorest of the poor. For those people who are affected by natural disasters or conflicts. Because they need our help the hardest. This means that we work in countries that are unstable, and often unsafe, in short in the worst places.
Our work is not easy to explain, poverty has complex

causes. Every country, every disaster, every conflict is different. And after each disaster, the population has different needs. These needs are our guiding principle. To use their own inner strength, and thus to offer smart and working solutions that fit their needs and abilities. That is what works.

What we do

Within this network, we are the social engineer that connects people in order to offer smart solutions, that are in accordance with social changes around the world. We make real change happen. And keep on going when others stop. Especially for the poorest of the poor. The most hopeless. In the worst places.

CARE always uses a comprehensive approach. CARE provides emergency relief for the poorest of the poor who are affected by natural disasters and conflicts. We maintain long-term presence in disaster areas and immediately start rebuilding, since that is what people need on the long run. This is how we provide assistance:

Emergency: When a natural disaster or conflict occurs, we provide the basic necessities such as food, shelter and water. After the disaster has occurred we ensure that people are able to live by their own means again.

Women Empowerment: Women in conflict areas are particularly vulnerable, oftentimes they are victims of rape. Therefore, we give special attention to women and girls in our programs. On top of that we are convinced that women are the key to development and eradicating poverty. When women earn an income, they invest the majority of these earnings in their family. Equipped with the right opportunities and resources women can lift entire families and communities out of poverty. Next to that, we believe that every woman simply has the right to live her life to its fullest potential.

Entrepreneurship: We help the poorest of the poor to build their own livelihood and support their families. With our savings and loan groups for example, they are enabled to start their own business.

Disaster Risk Reduction: And we make them resilient to climate change and recurring natural disasters. In this way we can prevent more lives will be victims of natural disasters. For example through warning systems, evacuation plans, and safer houses.

Where we work

CARE works in 86 countries worldwide. Together with our partners we strive for less poverty and more dignity. With smart and working solutions that make use of the inner strength of people.

Through our work we annually reach more than 83 million people worldwide, of which 68% are women and girls. CARE Nederland works in 31 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin-America and Oceania.


CARE International

CARE Nederland is part of CARE, one of the largest international humanitarian and development organizations in the world. CARE reaches 83 million people annually in 86 countries. We are a global network that has great knowledge of and confidence in local communities. We were founded in 1945 after World War II, and have been working for almost 70 years with compassion and devotion towards a dignified life for all.

The CARE country offices are dedicated to eradicate poverty. A total of 11,500 employees work in our country offices; 97 % of them are national staff. They have extensive local knowledge and a local network.

We often execute our projects together with local partner organizations. Our partners are local experts and professionals with years of exceptional work experience and a proven track record. Along with the CARE country offices, these organizations  are the eyes, ears and hands of our organization in the field. Visit CARE International.org.

Corporate relations and CARE

At CARE, we believe that dynamic partnerships are essential to solve complex global challenges. Our partners – from companies to foundations to entrepreneurs – are committed to developing and supporting socially

responsible initiatives that work towards stronger and more resilient communities in developing countries. CARE and its partners work together to build a world full of opportunities and possibilities.


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