Women’s Economic Justice

CARE promotes women’s economic justice through a range of strategies. We promote women’s knowledge, skills and capabilities to realise their economic potential. We also support women’s collectives – such as Village Savings and Loan Associations -and women’s rights organisations. Furthermore, we seek to promote equitable gender and social norms, and influence harmful and discriminatory laws, policies and practices, so that women gain access to markets and financial services.

Sharimini ondernemer uit Sri Lanka

Key Resources

  • CARE has introduced millions of women to the concept of collective saving, through Village Savings & Loans Associations (VSLAs).
  • CARE’s Resilient Markets System Standards lay out our core programming principles related to Resilient Market Systems including gender transformative approaches; increasing resilience; private sector engagement; and market system governance.
  • CARE articulated 8 design principles for shifting discriminatory social norms and associated practices including Gender Based Violence.
  • CARE implements activities engaging men and boys to complement activities focusing om women to advance women’s rights.
  • CARE’s Social Analysis and Action model, is a community-led social change process through which individuals and communities explore and challenge social norms, beliefs and practices around gender and sexuality.
  • We monitor and measure shifts in social norms through a variety of methodologies, including vignette studies.