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South Sudan Peacebuilding Manual

13 november 2019

CARE’s South Sudan Peacebuilding manual is aimed at assisting Peace committees and Clubs, think critically about the conflicts that occur in their communities, take actions that change people’s attitudes, behavior, and their roles in society toward peaceful solutions to conflicts in their communities, and prevent violent conflict from occurring in the future.

Peacebuilding manual: skills for everyday life

The framework of this manual provides modules for community members who are dealing with conflicts at the individual, family, and community levels. It takes a participatory and active learning approach to convey peace and conflict understanding and how Peace Committee/Club members can use these skills in their everyday lives as they pursue peaceful co-existence and nonviolent social cohesion.

The manual is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Understanding Conflict
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Dialogue/Negotiation/Mediation Methods
  4. Peace Committee/Peace Club Roles & Responsibilities
  5. Self-Care Techniques/Methods

Within each section are modules that the facilitator can pick and choose based on the skill level and need of the Committee or Club.

Complementary to this manual, a picture book was developed that includes general facilitation tips and forms that can be used during trainings and meetings.