CARE’s Approach to Women’s Entrepreneurship

Enterprise development in low-income communities provides an important pathway to ending poverty, advances gender equality and helps achieve women’s economic justice and rights. CARE is committed to supporting women entrepreneurs to build their business, gain an income and lift themselves out of poverty.

Jeanne Sekongo uit de ivoorkust met op de achtergrond meer vrouwen

After decades of working in partnership with women around the globe, CARE has developed proven strategies to support women’s entrepreneurship. Our five key strategies to promote women’s entrepreneurship are:

  1. Strengthening women’s knowledge and skills.
  2. Promoting women’s access to financial resources.
  3. Supporting women’s access to markets.
  4. Challenging discriminatory social norms and gender roles.
  5. Advocating for supportive legal and regulatory frameworks.

Our approach to Women’s Entrepreneurship can be accessed through the following button. It explains how – when applied together – our five key strategies to support women’s entrepreneurship create direct impact for women and help change the systems that keep poverty in place.